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Lighting transforms and enriches every aspect of an event. It is cost effective and if done correctly, will be one of the most significant investments you will make for your event. Lighting will highlight the decor and help make an event a memorable experience. There are lighting styles for any theme.


  • Your florist or event designer may do their own lighting or have a lighting pro they work with.
  • Ask to see images of spaces before and after lighting has been set.
  • The type of lighting you use will depend on whether your event is being held indoors or outdoors.
    • indoor venues have some lighting already, so you will not need as much.
    • check out outdoor spaces at night to see exactly where lighting needs to be set.
  • If you are hosting an outdoor event check that there will be enough electrical power for lighting.

Different Types of Lighting

  • Uplighting - Lighting that projects washes of light and comes in an array of colors.
  • Pin Spot - A beam of light the focuses on one object.
  • Cake Spot Light - Form of Pin Spot Lighting that is designed specifically to illuminate a cake.
  • Color Wash - A colored light covering an entire area.
  • Gobos - Stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern onto a wall.
  • Monogram Lighting - Form of Gobo lighting that projects a monogram onto a wall or dance floor.
  • LED - Use less electricity and can be wireless. They are great for color changes and dynamic hues.
  • String Lighting - Strands of LED lighting.
  • Blisslight - Thousands of pinpoint lights that look like stars on a ceiling.
  • Fairy Berries - A 3/4-inch opaque white ball with a light that slowly fades on and off at random times.

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