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Wedding Traditions

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something New. Wedding traditions are practiced the world over in every country, culture, and religion.

  1. In older days, a bride stood beneath a canopy to show she was under the protection of her groom. Nowadays she wears a wedding veil to symbolize her submission to him.
  2. Because a circle is endless, a wedding ring is the symbol of undying love. The third finger left hand was chosen long ago when it was thought to be connected directly to the heart by the "vena amoris" the vein of love.
  3. The bride's garter is a good luck tradition begun in days of chivalry by the knights of the Order of the Garter. "Fate is sealed for the bachelor when the bride's garter is tossed his way". The bride's bouquet has the same history.
  4. The wedding cake tradition started in ancient Rome. Partygoers would break a loaf of bread over a bride's head in hopes to bring good luck in fertility.
  5. Tiered cakes started as a game where the Bride and Groom would try to kiss over higher and higher cakes without knocking it over.
  6. When the bride and groom share a piece of wedding cake, they "break bread in kinship", the bride's knife signifies the new wife's readiness to be keeper of her own household.
  7. Toasting comes from the ancient French custom of putting bread in the bottom of the glass - a good toaster drained the drink to get the "toast". When the bride and groom drink their wedding toast, legend says whoever finishes first will rule the family.
  8. From earliest times, newlyweds have been showered with the rice of abundance, while the bride's father threw her shoe after the groom, as a token of his surrender of his daughter.
  9. From time immemorial, weddings have been wonderful because of the wedding guests, dear friends and relatives who shower the bride and groom with good wishes, toast to their future, and share their wedding cake in kinship.
  10. Aquamarines are said to ensure a long and happy marriage because Aquamarines represent marital harmony.
  11. June weddings are popular because of the Roman goddess Juno who rules over marriage, the hearth, and childbirth.
  12. Grooms carry their Bride over the threshold to protect them from the evil spirits that may be lurking below.
  13. Traditionally the best man's duty was to make sure the Bride did not runaway during the ceremony.
  14. Wearing a white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria because it represented wealth.
  15. The Bride wears something old to connect her to her past and her family.
  16. Something new is worn by the Bride is to represent the new journey she is embarking on and her own family she is starting.
  17. Something blue represents faithfulness and loyalty in a relationship.
  18. Something borrowed is supposed to come from a happily married couple, with the hopes that the couple's good fortune would be passed on to the bride and groom.
  19. A sixpence coin is tucked into a Bride's shoe for good luck.
  20. Bridal bouquets used to be clusters of herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits.
  21. The origin of saving the top tier of the wedding cake was so the newlyweds would not have to buy a celebratory dessert to announce their pregnancy, that was expected within the first year of marriage at the time.