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With all the delicious options available, settling on the details of your wedding cake can be more difficult than anticipated. Here are some helpful tips to make ordering your wedding cake nothing short of a treat.

How far in advance should I order?

We suggest that couples tackle selecting a wedding cake after they have chosen their venue and decor as these choices can ultimately affect your cake selection. For instance, you may want to opt against a buttercream cake if you are holding an outdoor reception as it might begin to melt if the temperatures begin to rise. When meeting with your baker share the details of your reception venue with them so they may advise you on the best options. Wedding cakes require more time to prepare than other sweets so many bakeries will limit the number of cakes they will produce at a given time. When considering a bakery ask how far in advance you should place your cake order with them to ensure that you have ample time.

Design and Cost

Before ordering your cake, you will want to set up a tasting and consultation with your bakery. It is wise to take pictures of cake designs you like, as well as pictures of your cake topper to your consultation with the cake designer. This will allow your cake designer to have a better understanding of what you are looking for and what may be the best options for you. At your cake consultation let your cake designer know your budget from the start so they can best advise you on what options you have - i.e. a cake designer may suggest the use of a false cake tier to keep cost down while not sacrificing looks. Remember the more intricate the design, the more tiers, the more complex the flavors will increase the price. When ordering your wedding cake you should have an approximate guest count to ensure that you will have plenty of cake for all of your guests.

Once you have settled on a design be prepared to leave a deposit for your cake. Most bakeries will require a 50% of the total cake costs as a deposit. Also, ensure to ask your cake specialist if the cost includes delivery or if there is a separate delivery fee.